A friendly, easily distracted bot designed to keep you company when you just can't fall asleep. (Client: Casper)

"...doing late night conversations with Insomnobot-3000 and talking to Google Assistant on Allo about what the world is like around me." Techcrunch

"Probably one of the worst things about not being able to fall asleep is that it feels like you're the only one awake." Refinery 29

"You Can Text This Mattress Company At 3 AM When You Want To Hit Up Your Ex" Elite Daily

"Mattress Company Will Text With You If You Can't Sleep." CBS Morning Show

"Can’t fall asleep after binge watching Netflix late at night? Casper’s “insomnobot” will keep you company." Digiday

"Casper Is Rolling Out a Chatbot for Insomniacs." INC.

"A Mattress Company Just Launched a Texting Service That Will Talk to You About Pizza at 4 a.m." NYMAG

"Insomnobot’s single purpose is to bring you closer to a brand, and we should all expect to see a lot more bots like this." Venture Beat

"Genius hack lets you prank your Snapchat friends." Lifehacker

"Meet Insomnobot 3000, your new late-night texting buddy." RGA Future Vision

"The chatbot will keep you entertained while you can't sleep, texting with you in a similar way that you can presently converse with Siri." Cool Hunting

"Can’t Sleep? This Insomnia Bot Will Help You Get Through The Night." PSFK

A to-do list that uses tab anxiety to make your workload even more annoying.

"Closing a tab is the new crossing off." Fast Company

"Annoy yourself into completing a task list with FMList" CNET

"In using it my sister sitting next to me had a panic attack." Product Hunt

See if you and your crush are meant to be, based on your internet-generated wedding hashtag. (Client: The Black Tux)

"This Site Generates A Wedding Hashtag And Compatibility Score For You And Your Crush." Elite Daily

"It's safe to say we're obsessed." Cosmopolitan

"​This new hashtag generator is kind of addictive." Women's Health

"The Hashtag Test Creates A Couple's Wedding Hashtag — And Predicts If You're Meant To Be" Bustle

"You've Got to Try The Black Tux's New Wedding Hashtag Generator" The Knot

"This ‘Wedding Hashtag Test’ will generate a wedding hashtag for you and your fiance" Metro UK


"ScarJo and Colin Jost Only Have a 46 Percent Chance of Making It" Observer

"Finally, a service that creates your perfect wedding hashtag" Metro US

An iMessage "text-in-progress" gif that fools your friends into thinking you're still typing.

"Trick your iPhone-toting friends into thinking they're receiving a text." Gizmodo

"Gabriel Whaley has figured out that if you send an iOS 7 user an iMessage containing a GIF of the animated text-in-progress icon, it looks like you’re composing a message to them…forever." Laughing Squid

"An iMessage prank every iPhone owner needs to know about." CNET

"Genius Prank Will Drive Your Friends With an iPhone Insane." Digital Deconstruction

"This iPhone Texting Prank Is Great and Will Drive Your Friends Freakin’ Nuts." Bro Bible

"This iPhone prank is super easy and pretty cruel." Ebaumsworld

"Earlier this week, a texting prank was floating around the web. It was simple and genius." BuzzFeed

"Ah the prankishness of iPhone fanboys." The Examiner

"Just send it to random people and watch frustration ensue." Cult of Mac

"This hilarious iMessage prank is pure evil." Redmond Pie

"He/she will think you're about to send her a text, but guess what? You're not! Hilarity ensues, etc. etc." Gizmodo App of the Week

"Drive someone into the throes of anguish by downloading a GIF of the three moving dots and texting it to them." The Evening Standard

Ambient noise to improve your focus and productivity, from iconic locations in NYC neighborhoods. (Client: Breather)

"Listen to the Sounds of New York's Diverse Neighborhoods Without Leaving Home" Mental Floss

"Listen to real audio from Manhattan neighborhoods" Viewing NYC

"‘Sounds of New York’ uses city noise to improve your focus" 6sqft

"Now NYC Ex-Pats Can Finally Relax to the Sounds of Their Neighborhood" Tech.co

"You Can Now Listen To The Real Life Sounds Of NYC While You Work" AWOL

"Ambient sounds from different neighborhoods in NYC" Kottke

"How to listen to the sounds of New York City while you work anywhere in the world" Lonely Planet

"How to Listen to New York City, Wherever You Are" CN Traveler

A personal AI assistant that responds to annoying and passive aggressive emails on your behalf.

"Oh damn, this is going to be good some intra-office shenanigans." Product Hunt

"This A.I. sends the nasty emails you wish you could write" The Next Web

"During tests, Reginald called one recipient a 'frumpy-assed dilettante' and said it assumed the sender's 'ill advised passive aggressiveness' was coming from a 'place of self wrought inadequacy.' Daily Mail

Save yourself from those distracting co-workers. (Client: Breather)

"There's a button for that." Morning News Circuit

"Breather wants to save you from unwanted office distractions with the Nope button" TechCrunch

""This Chrome plugin makes office life suck less"" The Next Web

"There’s Now a Button to Make Your Co-Workers Go Away" NBC News

"There's a Button to Make Your Co-Workers Go Away" MSN

"This Chrome extension will call your phone to help you avoid annoying coworkers" Business Insider

"NOPE for Chrome Sends You An Emergency Phone Call to Save You From Work Conversations" Lifehacker

"This Chrome extension lets you blow off coworkers with class" Mashable

"Ingenious Chrome Extension Keeps Chatty Coworkers Away" Tom's Guide

"A New Chrome Extension Will Get You Out Of Any Conversation" Refinery29

Trick your friends into thinking you're out getting turnt. From bed. (Client: Casper)

"Clever." Ashton Kutcher

"Shut up Ted you fuckin' racist." The Lonely Island

"Give your friends FOMO from bed with this site's fake club scenes for Snapchat." Billboard

"This website will help you trick your Snapchat followers." Mashable

"But what if you just want to lie in bed and also lie to your friends?" The Daily Dot

"No one needs to know you're watching Netflix in bed." Teen Vogue

"This app tricks your Snapchat followers into thinking you’re in the club." The Next Web

"Fool Your Snapchat Followers Into Thinking You're Partying Instead of Sleeping." Inverse

"Genius hack lets you prank your Snapchat friends." Mashable Snapchat Story

"This Snapchat trick will change your stories forever." Digital Spy

"Steal this genius idea for your brand right now." Sabre Insights

A safe space online for those who want to make America great again.

"You no longer win by proving your opponent wrong. You win by turning your opponent’s buzzwords against him and demonstrating his hypocrisy." Rare

"This Chrome Extension Sends ‘The Right’ The Trigger Warnings They Need" The Huffington Post

"Finally, an online safe space for Trump fans." The Daily Beast

A list of your Facebook friends who "like" Donald Trump.

"Is the election discourse so super-charged that we can’t even agree to disagree?" USATODAY

"There's a new shaming site which redirects you to a list of all your Facebook friends who have liked the Donald." The New Yorker

"It's very interesting that people would feel strongly enough against Trump to want to weed people out of their Facebook friend groups." NPR

“'FriendsWhoLikeTrump.com' redirects visitors to a Facebook search page featuring a list of users friends who like the candidate on the social network." Politico

"Thousands of Facebook users have publicly promised to unfriend each and every Trump supporter in their network." Washington Post

"If you're in the mood to shed some dead weight from your social obligations, this is the perfect tool." Cheezburger

"The unfriend button has never been more important." Huffington Post

"This site makes it easy to judge your Facebook friends who like Trump." Mashable

"The Donald Trump frenzy has hit a new high (or low?) with a new website called FriendsWhoLikeTrump.com." ABC

"FriendsWhoLikeTrump.com will make you lose your faith in humanity...or at least Facebook." NowThisNews

"Unfriend them all, if you feel called to do so. Or don’t. That decision is between you and your god." NYMag

"This useful website shows you which of your Facebook friends like Donald Trump." Business Insider

"Trump has also been popular on Facebook due to a new website that zones in on friends who follow the politician on the social network." NY Daily

"FriendsWhoLikeTrump.Com Is The Only Tool You Need." AOL

"There’s a way to block their madness. It’s called, simply, Friends Who Like Trump." UPROXX

"Bye bye, Trump lovers." Metro

"How can I protect myself against Facebook friends who follow him." Rolling Stone

"Here's the easy way to find which of your friends 'like' Trump." Fusion

"Make Facebook Great Again." Brooklyn Magazine

"Some facts about your friends just can't be un-learned." MIC


"FriendsWhoLikeTrump.com is a website that exists for one reason" Yahoo Tech

"Someone has taken it upon themselves to make it easier to identify who “likes” Trump on Facebook." Tech Cocktail

"Here’s an easy tool to help suss out the haters who still support this man as potential leader of the free world."GOOD

"A shortcut flying around the Internet tries to identify which of your friends support the controversial presidential candidate." CNET

"Warning: Friendships May Change Forever." Bustle

"How to Filter Donald Trump Out of Your Life." POPSUGAR

"You can sleeep soundly tonight once you’ve hit the unfriend button on all the people you weren’t really friends with anyway" The Debrief

"Defriending Trump followers takes page from his playbook." Boston Globe

"All over the news feeds, people are posting screenshots of their own results." Insquisitr

Hack your iPhone background. Cut "invisible icons" out of your homescreen background image and use them to push your other icons around.

"This is so fun. I thought of the invisible icons once, but this is totally pushing it to a limit. Smart hack!" Product Hunt

"Makeovr Web app lets iPhone users create blank spaces on home screen." Apple Insider

"Arrange your iPhone’s icons any way you want with Makeovr." The Next Web

"Makeovr Adds Invisible Icons to iOS for Home Screen Customization." Lifehacker

"Tired of the same, boring home screen grid layout that's been around on iOS since its inception? You're going to want to read this." CNET

"New Web app Makeovr lets you customize your Home screen." AppAdvice

"Makeovr enables free design of the iPhone home screen." Maclife

"Finally there is a way to customize the home screen of an iPhone as you would like it." Curved

A tip calculator that suggests a lower tip when your server is a woman.

" It's interesting to see technology -- in this case an iOS app -- advocating for gender equality." Product Hunt

"This App Makes Sure You Don't Accidentally End The Gender Pay Gap." Fast Company

"Now there's an app designed to help you visualise that pay inequality every time you ask it to calculate a tip."BBC World Service Radio

"Want Real Pay Equality? Then it’s Time We Stopped Over-tipping Women" Huffington Post

"A Guy Created A “Sexist Tip Calculator” That Stiffs Female Servers To Highlight The Wage Gap." BuzzFeed

"To ensure that none of us forget about the pay gap—women in the U.S. still make roughly 78 cents for every dollar men earn—there's now an app that allows users to factor in a server's gender when tipping." Glamour

"Toothpick wants to make the pay gap impossible to ignore by confronting people with the disturbing math of economic inequality." Daily Dot

"The beauty of an app is how easily it can be used to spread the word. So, if you know anyone who doesn't believe the wage gap is a thing, pull out Toothpick the next time you go out to eat with them." Bustle

"Don't freak out—it's for a good cause." NY Observer

"New App Tells You if You’re a Sexist Tipper." The Bold Italic

"Angry? Well, that’s exactly how creator Gabriel Whaley wants you to feel, and he wants people to take action."HLN

"Toothpick: The app to reduce tip for women."Engadget

An app for joining the mile-high club.

"Wingman app wants to help you join the mile high club." Time

"We salute Gabe and his attempt to make joining the mile high club easier and welcome it into the 21st century." Playboy TV


"Was your last flight from LA to NYC a little boring...here's your chance to make things a little more steamy." Complex

"Wingman was designed to help you get lucky while flying, because, why not?" Business Insider

"Tinder at 20,000 feet: Wingman app lets you meet fellow passengers on your flight." Daily Mail

"The New Wingman App: Tinder of the Skies." GQ

"The new Wingman app was created to help your cockpit get cleared for take off." Discovery

"Now, a new app aims to transfer the Tinder method to air travel." The Telegraph

"Wingman Is the Mile-High Tinder." Vice

"The most awkward app of all time." The Young Turks

"Here's an app for having sex at 30,000 feet." Jezebel

"New ‘Wingman’ App Lets You Find Love (Or Casual Sex) On Any Flight In America." Huffington Post

"I hate flying, so this app just might be a great way to help pass the time." Hello Beautiful

"New app allows you to flirt with other people on your flight." Elite Daily

This new app that will help you find strangers to bang in an airplane lavatory!" E! Online

"Here's an app that makes it easier for dudes to hit on you during flights." Daily Dot

"You've heard of Snakes on a Plane...now it's time for Sex on a Plane." Cosmopolitan

"Want discreet sex while you fly the friendly skies? There’s an app for that." Daily Beast

"A Crazy App Wants You in the Mile High Club." Esquire

"Wingman gives you a chance to meet your next romantic encounter before you even land." PSFK

"An app that lets you meet attractive people on airplanes." Design Taxi

"Wingman is Tinder for frequent flyers." Refinery 29

"The awesomely named app, Wingman, connects its users with attractive participants on their flights before touching down." Total Frat Move

"Because who can last a single flight without hooking up, right?" Marie Claire

"A new smartphone app that started as a joke may soon be connect singles at 37,000 feet." Conde Nast Traveler

"Does the thought of flying without boning horrify you?" Cracked

"This could come in handy while flying to spring break. Might as well start the bad decisions off with a bang (LOL)!" Total Sorority Move

"The friendly skies are about to get a whole lot… friendlier." Thrillist

Bad advice within 12 hours for $1 per tweet.

"WorstFastAgency gave us some pretty terrible advice." NY Observer

"The @WorstFastAgency claims to give clients terrible ideas for only $1 in 12 hours." PSFK

"Oh, and did we mention that it gives terrible advice? Yes, in just 12 hours, Worst Fast Agency will tweet awful marketing strategies to you for the low price of $1." Ad Week